All of our solicitors are equals and expertly qualified. We pride ourselves on our non-hierarchical structure that we have kept since the beginning. Our aim is to focus on our solicitors’ expertise, ensuring we provide excellent legal services to our clients. If you have looked at the calibre of people in our law firm, you will appreciate that you will be working alongside the very best. These are people at the top of their game who have decided that the traditional law firm route just does not suit them.

We recruit carefully to ensure that solicitors of the right quality and experience join our team. Although we are ambitious in the way we want to grow as a business, it is vital for us that, for both our clients and consultants, we retain our core values of legal excellence, collaborative working, trust and respect – we do not ever want to become a faceless law firm. We are looking for agents of change, people with the ideas, experience and the ability to produce real outcomes and make a real difference to the future of our clients’ businesses.

We offer our consultants freedom and autonomy in their role, with support as required, unburdened by unnecessary bureaucracy, overbearing management or internal politics and want each of our consultants to have total control over their day and their life. We believe that the greatest success comes from empowering those you work with to enable them to achieve their very best.

Does Artington Legal sound like your kind of firm? Are you independently minded and ready to set your own goals?

We know that it requires a leap of faith to move from a traditional law firm or employed position but we will be with you every step of the way and are committed to helping you with a seamless transition.

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