At Artington Legal, you will be part of a highly collaborative group of like-minded people. Our experienced team of solicitors based both in the UK and abroad will often work together on matters. We encourage a team mentality even though we are all remote workers. Regular video calls take place as well as meetings to ensure face to face contact and interaction.

Advice and encouragement are always available whenever needed and we have an active correspondence of ideas between the team on a regular basis.

We always encourage cross referrals across disciplines and as our solicitors are all experts in their field, this can be carried out confidently in the knowledge that another talented solicitor is managing and serving one of your clients. Your client will receive the same standard of legal advice that you already provide. You will also be financially rewarded for any referrals you initiate which will help to expand and grow your own business.

We are proud of our friendly Artington team and the collaborative way we all work. We are scattered around the country and the globe, but all understand the importance of true teamwork.

Tad Ostrowski
Alison Morjaria
Natalie Bowman
Nigel Hirst
Rebecca Severn
Robert Powell
Sarah Carr-Baugh
Alison Hastie
Ania Lubliner
Ilana Menachemson
Mark Corran
Russell Osman

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